Our Values

Doing the right thing​

Every decision has multiple stakeholders that can be affected.
We always ask: what is the right thing to do and by whom?
We commit to being ethical and take on projects that we believe in.

Collaborating for success 

We believe that the combined power of people, culture and innovation can be realised only through collaboration.

Hence, we collaborate with our clients and colleagues and encourage cross-team collaboration as a mean for success.

Thinking differently

We dare to think differently and challenge the status quo. 

Embracing diversity

We embrace diversity simply because without it decision making and leadership are likely to fail.

We are a diverse team that helps our clients to develop inclusive strategies for success.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ (by Susan Jeffers) is a book that gave Zivit the strength to take big breaths and jump into the cold water.

There is no failure, life is a journey of learning and development.

We enjoy the journey!