People strategies deliver growth

DifferenThinking™ is changing the paradigm of how VC’s and Startups operate and achieve growth by providing specialised strategic people and performance (P²) services when you most need them.

We created DifferenThinking™ because our global experience has taught us that unsupported ideas often fail, but strategic people and performance interventions at key points of the investment cycle can create exponential growth.

We are passionate about innovation and we understand the unique requirements of VC’s and Startups.

Our passion and experience help to empower your investment decisions with human capital services that are agile, commercial, analytics-backed and directional.

Working with you from the beginning – prior to capital investment decisions – and throughout the lifecycle of your investment, our ultimate aim is to create, support and maximise growth.

People x Performance as a Service (P2aaS)

We offer four services that can be deployed individually, or utilised as an integrated system to maximise your growth.

Testing and amplifying your capital investment decisions

  • People and performance due diligence

  • Executive leadership capability assessment

  • Bespoke founders’ programs to ensure they grow as the businesses grow

  • C-level selection

Understanding and managing your people risks

  • Organisational culture diagnosis

  • Capability-gap analysis

  • Productivity analysis

  • Turnover analysis

Setting the right people foundations for growth

  • Workforce planning

  • Talent management

  • HR strategy

  • Culture and Change management

Unlocking and lifting the potential of your leadership

  • Executive coaching

  • Leadership team structure, dynamics and cohesion programs

  • Founders career transition

Most start-ups begin with great technology or ideas, but simply do not survive because they fail in their execution. A crucial part of a start-ups' execution is to ensure the Founder Team has the right skill sets in place at the right stage of the start-up's life cycle. To that end, we have developed a unique tool that helps you work through some of these challenges. The Teampreneurs Strength Mapping Tool has specifically been developed and successfully validated, to assist start-ups to accomplish just that. Click here for more information

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About Us

Dr. Zivit Inbar is a People and Performance expert in the field of Technology VC’s and Startups.

An Adj Professor in the MBA Program at Deakin University (Melbourne), Zivit is a non-executive director, senior executive, advisory board member, and chairwoman with over 15 years’ leadership experience at board and executive levels.

Zivit’s expertise spans:

  • HR strategies for Startups and VCs
  • Private and listed Australian and global technology organisations
  • China, APAC, Europe and the US
  • Technology product lifecycles
  • Cross-border governance and compliance

  • Global expansions
  • Cultural change management and integration
  • International M & A due diligence
  • Organisational development and growth

Zivit has a PhD by research focused on strategic thinking and strategy implementation by Western companies operating in China. “Ethical Kaleidoscope: Values, Ethics, and Corporate Governance”, co-authored by Dr Zivit Inbar, is now available via Amazon

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