Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin  were not the first to understand the power of hiring a professional CEO.

In the 70s, Efi Arazi, one of the founders of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry has done the same again and again.

Efi Arazi was a true entrepreneur- a charismatic, visionary, creative problem solver, resilient and risk taker. His teams loved him and he was known as the person who finds and encourages the unique talents of those around him.

But Efi didn’t stay in one company throughout his career.  He established start-ups, developed them globally and then moved on to found new start-ups. He was following his passions and strengths, knowing at what stage the company needs a new CEO with different skills to those of his own.

For entrepreneurs to leave their startup (baby) is not easy.

It requires awareness, maturity and courage. The same audacity they had when establishing their startup.

I recently worked with an investor who was having challenges with a founder. The investor felt that given the stage the startup has reached and for its future success, a professional CEO should be hired to lead the company.

This is a natural stage for startups.

Not many companies are run successfully by their founders. In most cases, different skills are required throughout the organisational lifecycle. Although some famous companies have been (and still are) led by their founders, in most cases the company growth and transition require a different skill set.

In my experience, great founders understand their true strengths and where they best add value.  They should build their career and success focusing on these strengths and knowing when to let go and move on to their new challenge.